Web App Design: Read For 100K
Client: Scholastic Book Fairs
Orlando, FL
Read 100K was a summer reading initiative by Scholastic where schools entered, and students registered and logged reading hours. We made a kid-friendly and simple application where participating schools could direct students to sign up and track the books they read and how many minutes they read that summer. The application totaled the minutes. Schools could award their students with pizza parties, and the school with the most amount of reading minutes won money to buy books from Scholastic to put into their libraries.
I was given the Read 100,000 logo by Scholastic so that I could create a cohesive website. I chose a light and fun color scheme with easy to read fonts and big, kid friendly candy buttons. I also kept a top navigation bar that made each section easily accessible throughout the entire app.
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe Photoshop
🔧 Adobe Illustrator
Project Breakdown
Welcome Screen
Students could register, sign up, calculate their reading time, find books to read, a link to teacher and administrator resources, and learn more about the initiative. 
Username Generator
When students initially signed up, they were brought to a screen that gave them a username. We ensured usernames were both age appropriate and fun. The spinner was a random word generator (with a list of approved words we gave it to pull from), and students could spin until they landed on something they liked.
Minutes Data Entry
Once a student was registered with a username, this was the page they landed on after signing in. It is a simple and easy to use screen where students could log the number of minutes they read each day.
Stats page
Logged in students could track their own reading stats as well as search their school and see how other schools across the country were doing.
Featured Books
From the welcome screen, parents, students, teachers, and administrators could take a look at featured books. They could browse and choose to buy books on Scholastic's ecommerce site.
Reading Calculator
Administrators and teachers could login and find out where their school stood and if they were going to make the goal. All they had to do was plug in the numbers and we did the math for them.
Teachers and administrators could also log on and download material to print for their classrooms. They included reading logs, achievement certificates, a reading pledge for their students, flyers and posters.
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