About Me
Hi! I'm Amy Austin. I am a... well that depends on who you ask. If you ask my coworkers, they would say I am an extremely hard worker who knows my sh*t, a great problem solver, and am easy to get along with. If you ask my friends, they would say I'm loyal, kind, reliable, and adventurous. If you ask me, I am a strong believer that pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. If you ask my mom, a retired nurse, she would say I need to get a real job with normal hours, health insurance, and a 401K. I have worked for one of the biggest AAA video game companies in the world and have worked on some of the biggest movie sets in the world, but nothing is harder or more terror inducing for me than writing about myself. So, let's get into it. 
I make art... that feels like an oversimplification of it. I make visual communication and entertainment for the masses using my artistic abilities. The sense of accomplishment that making something out of nothing gives me is unmatched. I crave the gray and white Photoshop transparent background, the default Blender cube ready to be deleted, the vast emptiness of a sound stage ready to have sets built, power run, and lights hung in anticipation of the start of filming. No two blank slates will ever be the same and I love the variety that brings to my life. Professionally speaking, I am always looking for the next challenge. I am forever curious and like to try out and learn new things. While success is the ideal, like the Mythbusters say, failure is always an option. It's often the best way to learn.
When I'm not at my computer, or on a film set, you can probably find me at the beach or on a hiking trail somewhere, I find a good day outdoors is the best way to reset my mind and body. My hobbies include photography and woodworking, I have built my own desk, bed, and coffee table. I like to call a couple of trips to Lowe's or Home Depot and my balcony "advanced IKEA". I like getting my hands dirty and using the technical part of my brain. I also like sitting on the couch watching TV and movies and playing video games, I am a real person after all.
There isn't a curveball that I haven't been pitched. Pivoting on a dime and changing directions mid project has become somewhat of a specialty. I have worked in every type of environment, with every type of personality, with budgets ranging from shoestring to seemingly endless. It's made me great at leading departments in predominantly male fields and taught me how to be a patient teacher when the job calls for it. What I'm trying to say is I am creative, resourceful, and try my very best to do it with a smile, or at least a big cup of coffee in hand if it's too early. No problems, only solutions. Want to work together? I'd love to hear from you.
Tool Box
✔ Adobe Creative Suite
✔ Cinema 4D
✔ Blender
✔ Unreal Engine
✔ Figma
✔ Microsoft Office 365/G Suite
✔ Slack/MS Teams
✔ Zoom
✔ Perforce/SharePoint
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