Visual Effects
On a handful of the short films I have worked on on set, I have been contacted by either the director or producer in post production asking if I could add visual effects into their movies, as their editorial team didn't know that kind of work. Below are the VFX break downs for those films.
The Fight
VFX: Muzzle Flashes & Bullet Hits
The Fight, short film
Orlando, FL
The Fight is an action adventure short film about two spies and ex lovers having an altercation while simultaneously fighting their way out of a room against rival spies. 

🎥 All muzzle flashes are stock footage
🎥 Composited in Adobe After Effects
🎥 Utilized both keyframe animation and motion tracking
🎥 Muzzle flash lighting effects created with blending modes
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe After Effects
Project Break Down
This breakdown contains multiple shots all that required some sort of gun/bullet VFX work. The first clip shows what was shot on set. The clip after is the final composite with sound effects and music from the final edit.
Lucia, Before and After
VFX: Add Flies to Insert Shot
Lucia, Before and After - Short Film
Los Angeles, CA
Lucia, Before and After is a short film that follows a young woman's lonely journey across Texas to get access to a legal abortion clinic. Lucia's journey begins in Odessa and ends 283 miles away in El Paso, but once she arrives she learns that she must wait 24 hours before getting the procedure done. The film's purpose is to highlight the struggles women in rural areas have with abortion access. 
During the editing process, the director decided they wanted to add flies to one of the motel lobbies to denote how grim it was. I added the flies by using an image of a housefly, then put a random expression for their movement around the screen in addition to a wiggle expression to give them a more natural "buzzing" feel.

🎥  Nominated for the 2016 SXSW Short Film Grand Jury Prize
🎥  Won the 2016 Sundance Short Film Jury Award
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe After Effects
🔧 Adobe Photoshop
Project Breakdown
In this clip, the first is the insert of the fly paper with a moth stuck on it as shot on set. The second is the composited shot with flies buzzing around the room.
Missy's Musical Misadventure
VFX: Phone Screen Replacement ​​​​​​​
Missy's Musical Misadventure Short Film
Orlando, FL
Missy's Musical Misadventure is a musical short film about a young theater fan with a dull life who goes to sleep one night wishing her life was a musical. The next day she wakes up to discover that her wish has come true. 
I was asked to do screen replacement during a scene where the main character orders an uber. The plate consisted of the actress tapping her thumbs on a black phone screen. I built the app and rotoscoped the masks around her thumb movements. Due to poor hand placement, I also had to simulate the screen's corner pins to be rotoscoped. 
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe Illustrator
🔧 Adobe After Effects
Project Breakdown
First sequence is the plate I had to design the app from. The second sequence is the final composite in After Effects.
App UI Screens
The screens were designed to emulate an Uber-like iPhone app. The phone insert was shot on a turned off iPhone. The actress was instructed to act like she was typing.
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