UI/UX: NCAA Football 10
Client: EA Sports, Xbox 360, PS3
Orlando, FL

After the work for Tiger PGA Tour 10 was complete, I still had 6 weeks left on my 3-month contract with the company and was sent to help the NCAA team finish their game. I primarily was responsible for helping to cut players out of Getty Images stock photos and adding the NCAA Football 10 grunge look on them. There are 120 teams in FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) and each team had two players, a mascot, and a cheerleader as an image set. The images were used to brand the game's UI based on the player's favorite team selection.

Game Stats
🎮  Release date: 7.14.2009
🎮  Metacritic Score: 83/100
🎮  Cover athlete: Brian Johnson, QB Utah (PS3), Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech (Xbox 360)
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe Photoshop
🔧 Adobe Flash
🔧 Flash Develop
Project Breakdown
Main Menu Screens
In following with the NCAA team's style guide, I applied the grunge effect on each image and skinned them into the game.
In Game Credits​​​​​​​
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