EA Sports Madden NFL Superstars 12
Facebook Game
Orlando, FL
Madden NFL Superstars was a Facebook game with similar game mechanics to Zynga's Farmville. These games were the inspiration for what Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) became. The Facebook game teams were small pods therefore I was the only UI artist. Facebook itself had a list of rules on what was required to be shown on the screen, and that had to be designed around. Our game's UI was also inspired from assets being used in the Madden console at the time, to make sure the EA Sports Madden branding was consistent.
Game Stats
🎮  Release date: 8.30.2011
🎮  Cover athlete: Peyton Hillis, Cleveland Browns
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe Photoshop
🔧 Adobe Illustrator
🔧 Adobe Flash
Project Breakdown
Main UI Screens and Branding
The game and its release date coincided with Madden for console (Xbox 360 and PS3). The logo and cover athlete mirrored Madden NFL on the consoles. I created the graphics for the city stadium screens. The player stats and navigation bar remained on the top of the screen the entire time you were in the game. The bottom showed your friends list where you could challenge them to a game or see how their team was doing.  
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet was a game mode created to keep players engaged. The concept was you played your team through all 32 NFL cities. This mode was unique in that unlike the main game mode, you were pit against every Gauntlet player and your level and progress showed on a leaderboard for everyone to see. The maps, each list and label were create using adobe illustrator to make sure the UI matched.

🎯 Hover over tool tips gave context-based information to players if they've completed the city or if they still have games to play at that city stop
🎯 The map and most UI graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator for smooth zoom in/zoom out effects
🎯 Once you started playing in a city, each game had a unique name that was relevant to things in that city. The selected state of each game gave users details about the matchup, including the team's rating, and what the user wins when they win the game.
Card Flipping
I also created the cards for a game mode called Card Flipping, which was a memory matching game where you flipped cards over and if you matched the teams before the timer was up, you earned "Madden Bucks" to spend in the store. 
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