UI/UX Art: Madden NFL 13
EA Sports
Orlando, FL
My responsibilities as a UI artist on Madden NFL 13 included creating a broadcast package that emulated the CBS Sports NFL Broadcast experience. After compiling footage from the prior season's broadcasts, I was able to create a package that utilized similar elements such as their stat screens, pre and post game graphics, lower third graphics and transitions.​​​​​​​
Game Stats
🎮  Release date: 8.28.2012
🎮  Metacritic score: 83/100 for PS3 & 81/100 for the Xbox 360
🎮  Cover athlete: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions​​​​​​​
Software Used
🔧 Adobe Photoshop
🔧 Adobe Flash
🔧 Flash Develop
Project Breakdown
In Game Broadcast Graphics
Lower third graphics consist of a solid blue logo with heavier borders made to look like they're lit on both ends. The player images, team logos and product placements are all designed like this.

Pregame and Intro Graphics
QB stat screens
Halftime Stats Screens
Lower Third Graphics
Heads Up Display (HUD)
The heads-up display was skinned around the broadcast theming to give the in game experience a tight, cohesive feeling while playing.
Coin toss decision controls to start the game
Kickoff and Kick Strength Meter Controls
Play Call and Pre Snap-Controls
Penalty Call Out
Pause Menu and Tips
Main Menu Screens
The main menu and menu screens utilized sleek glass panels with text and icons appearing etched with white text, all using a CBS inspired blue base and 3D stadium pieces and prime-time lights. UI elements included lists, which used a solid yellow bar to highlight the user's choice, panels, and icons.
Game Credits
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