Kinetic Type: UVA Social Media Ad
Client: Sextant Marketing
Tampa, FL
The University of Virginia School of Continuing Education needed an updated video for their social media accounts to promote open enrollment for the 2021 school year. The video for the prior year was sent to me with the request that I edit the animated text. The content creator and I consulted with each other and decided to edit the text down to bullet points as opposed to a slideshow. I researched examples of kinetic text and animated the bullet points so that the video would be more eye catching and garner better social media engagement. ​​​​​​​
Applications Used
🔧 Adobe Photoshop
🔧 Adobe After Effects
🔧 Adobe Illustrator
Final Thirty Second Ad
Kinetic typography following University of Virginia branding style guide gives the advertisement the kind of eye-catching energy required for social media.
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