Filmmaker | Digital Storyteller | Cinematic Videographer | Talented Graphic Designer

About Me

Hello, thanks for dropping by! I am Amy Austin, a (for now) Orlando based filmmaker, editor, graphic artist, daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut, and untrained intellectual. I tend to find inspiration in pretty much anything, especially music, art, the universe, the human condition, and natural phenomenon.

Career Update

After almost 8 years of being a graphic / UI / multimedia artist, I have decided it is time to aggressively pursue my Film Production Technology degree. I’m ready to change my career path in the entertainment industry and take on exciting new challenges. I am in my final year of intensives at Valencia College here in Orlando, FL. When I graduate in the Summer of 2015, my goal is to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and settle in Vancouver B.C., or the Portland/Seattle area, where there is a thriving film crew industry, and work my butt off as a PA / intern / trainee.

Recent Portfolio Pieces