missy’s phone screen

Missy’s Musical Misadventure is a musical short film written and directed by Gerald Jackson, Jr with an original score and choreography. I am credited as Director of Photography and Colorist for the film. I also created and phone application for Missy to be able to call for a ride about 1/2 way through the film.

  • Built the app around the actress’ thumb movements through out the plate shot
  • Plate consisted of the actress tapping her thumbs on a blank phone screen
  • Simulated screen’s corner pins had to be rotoscoped due to lack of access to actual corners of phone due to the actress’ hand placement

app ui screens

Home screen to allow Missy to set her pickup location

The actress spent a lot of time tapping the bottom portion of the screen. I utilized that opportunity to let Missy type in her home address. I used a typewriter effect animation in the finished piece

Verify and pay. The progress bar along the bottom made it into the final film. It isn’t really noticeable in the film due to the short length of the clip, but the progress bar animates left to right through out the completion of the order

ride share app in action