madden nfl superstars

Madden NFL Superstars on Facebook was a game where you collected (or purchased) player cards to stock your team with NFL players and take on the league in simulated games. It was a pay to play or grind it out game that kept you coming back. We had many different game modes to keep it interesting and gave players a way to earn cards, XP, and Madden Cash.

madden nfl superstars 12 ui

As your team leveled up your team’s NFL complex upgraded it’s stadium and team facilities


the nfl gauntlet

One of the game modes I had most fun designing was The NFL Gauntlet. In this mode, you took your team and hit the road to all 32 NFL cities and played your way through a series of 5 games before you could move on to the next city. You leveled through the game starting at the city of the team with the worst record in the NFL the previous season (probably Cleveland) and ended at the city that won the Super Bowl (2012 was the New York Giants). We had a leaderboard that you could track your progress through the mode against your Facebook friends who also played the game.

nfl flipping cards

Card flipping is a game commonly played by kids who collect baseball cards. Two players take their baseball cards, player one stands and tosses a card onto the floor then player 2 tosses a card trying to match (front or back/heads or tails). If the cards match (both front or both back), player 2 wins the cards. If the cards don’t match, player 1 wins the cards.

Madden NFL Superstars utilized this concept where you could play against your friends or the AI and it was a way to win/upgrade your player cards for chances to upgrade your Madden Superstars team.

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ea sports madden superstars 12, snickers and 7-11 promo

For the launch of Madden Superstars 12, EA Sports partnered with Snickers and 7-11 for customers to enter codes found on Slurpee Cups and Snickers wrappers to get exclusive promotional in game rewards. I created a 7-11 Slurpee machine topper and Slurpee cup graphics. This is a photo I took at the 7-11 store across the street from the EA Tiburon studio on a break.