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Madden 25 Cover

madden 25 (xbox 360 & ps3)

For Madden 25, I again was primarily responsible for the in game heads up display (HUD) and broadcast graphics. In addition, I was responsible for the main menu beauty images, part of the Connected Careers screens, loading screens, online screens, and various miscellaneous user interface (UI) screens.

madden 13 (xbox 360 & ps3)

I was hired on to the main Madden team for Madden 13. Our goal was to mimic a CBS NFL broadcast look and feel as we were featuring CBS's NFL announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. I was primarily responsible for the in game HUD and online menu screens.

ea sports ncaa football 10 (xbox 360 & ps3)

EA Sports NCAA Football 10 featured a gritty, grunge user interface as was popular at the time. I was brought on board to help the main user interface team create assets for the game

ea sports tiger woods pga tour 10 (xbox 360 & ps3)

EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10's user interface design featured a slick frosted glass and LCD screen look to emulate a PGA Tour broadcast graphics on television. I was brought in to assist in the creation of assets for the UI

2015 Valencia College Film Celebration

Written and directed by Gerald Jackson Jr., this trailer was written, directed, produced, and crewed by Valencia College students. I was credited as gaffer on the project and created the logo animation bumper at the end of the piece

The Fight

The Fight was a short film written and directed by Camille Coladonato. Not only did I Key Grip the show, I also lent my talents as a VFX artist to add the muzzle flashes and bullet ricochets

scholastic book fairs 2011 spring preview

Scholastic releases a preview of it's newest book offering to schools prior to their bi-annual book fair in the spring and fall. The spring 11 book fair's theme was a carnival/fair. This is the Flash application I created for it

scholastic read for 100K

Scholastic Book Fairs helmed a nation wide summer reading competition. The 1st participating school who'd students reached 100,000 minutes of reading won a fun day sponsored by Scholastic when school resumed

scholastic book fairs e-commerce website

I partnered with Scholastic Book Fairs to redesign and update their eCommerce site in 2010

madden nfl superstars

Madden NFL Superstars was a Facebook game produced and distributed by EA Sports. I was the artist on the team and created game elements, interactive assets, and screens for the game

The Sleep Over

The Sleep Over was an entry for the 2016 Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest. Written and directed by Paul Boffano, I was director of photography on the project

Lucia, Before and After

Atmospheric visual effects done for the short film Lucia, Before and After. I created flies buzzing around this hotel lobby to justify the strip of fly paper

missy’s phone screen

Animated composite of the ride share app that Missy uses to call a ride share to pick her up