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Visual Effects Artist

Google Pixel 2 Phone Commercials
  • UI element replacement from beta software when the commercial footage was originally shot to the final UI element placement of the released software
  • Utilized motion tracking of graphics, Rotobrush, and frame by frame animation depending on the situation
  • Color corrected still graphics to match final video coloring


Visual Effects Artist

Out Of My Head
  • Removed reflections of crew from a car
  • Removed camera reflections from windows
  • Created and animated end credit scroll


Motion Graphics Artist

Commercial – Hogan & Hogan Law Offices
  • Created and animated lower 3rd graphics
  • Animated text
  • Composited ambient background motion
  • Created and animated elements to create energy around otherwise talking heads


Visual Effects Artist

Lucia, Before and After
  • Composited flies in a waiting room into the final edit of the short film for atmosphere


Visual Effects Artist

The Fight
  • Composited muzzle flashes and bullet ricochets on the floor and walls into the final edit of the short film


Visual Effects Artist

Missy’s Musical Adventure
  • Created an Uber-like phone app UI for Missy to use to call a ride share to pick her up from her office during the film
  • Animated the phone app UI to match the actress’ thumb movements on the blank phone and composited the piece into the finished short film

2014 – 2015

User Interface Designer – Contract

Intelligent Decision Systems
  • Follow a pre written storyboard to assemble images, text, and 3D renders
    into Flash templates to create screens for eLearning software.
  • Created a GUI for a contract proposal

2011 – 2014

User Interface Designer

Electronic Arts (EA Sports)
  • Skinned UI screens for Madden NFL 13 and Madden NFL 25
  • Created web based marketing materials for EA Golf Challenge
  • Created web based marketing materials for Tiger Woods PGA Tour PC
  • Created UI art assets and marketing art for Madden Superstars


Web Designer – Contract

Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Redesigned the Online Book Fair e-commerce site
  • Worked with the marketing department to design the mini site Read 100K
    where kids can enter the amount of minutes they’ve read to help their school
    reach 100,000 total reading minutes
  • Created a Flash mini site that previewed the Spring 2011 Book Fair theme

2008 – 2009

User Interface Designer – Contract

Electronic Arts (EA Sports)
  • Created icons for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010
  • Created UI art assets For Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and NCAA Football 10
    including screens, loading screens, and page menus
  • Cut out players for NCAA Football 10’s main menu & Press Start screen



Film Production Technology

Valencia College

Associate of Science (AS)


Theater Stage Technology

Valencia College

Technical Certificate


Digital Media

University of Florida

Associate of Science (AS)

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